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What are some good adsense alternatives?

After putting money into marketing my website and such, Google Adsense cancelled my account and all the payments that were coming to me (costing me money actually) and suggesting that there was something suspicious about the clicks or the site traffic. They don’t provide details or allow one to have time to dispute any such claims.

Anyway, I’d like some suggestions on good adsense alternatives. I’ve tried some but hopefully I can get feedback from persons who have used these services. One that I looked at was going to make me wait 60 days till I got my first payment. That is unreasonable and ridiculous in today’s information age.
I also don’t want to use a site that is notorious for cancelling accounts with no warning, because they think that the clicks or the traffic is not valid.

Also, if you can provide tips on affiliate marketing – I’ve signed up with two. One is clickbank. Do they have products that pay a certain amount monthly – which would mean a product would have to be a subscription service? Thee is also the site I found when I wanted to sell products for Barnes and Noble – they work with a company that handles affiliate programs.
Any other suggestions on affiliate marketing?
And adsense alterntives that don’t make one wait 60 days for the first check?

How could I make money with this idea? PPC or what?

I was thinking about making a website about a certain market, X. So the distributors of market X do not have affiliate programs of any kind. When typed into Google what some of the top companies in the country carry, none of them come up. Just smaller, less established companies that are competitors. I was wanting to make a website that broke down market X into categories and in each category I would have a list of distributors that carried that certain item. I figured that if I would do this I could eventually get a high click through ratio, but I have no idea what how I would make money from this. Any input would help. Thanks!
Ok, if anyone else reads this. My goal is to maybe get such a high click through rate that these companies will want me to keep my website up, and possibly pay me for it seeing that I am bringing them traffic to their websites. Is that possible, or is there a better way. Thanks.

Why is I'm not making any money with ClickBank?

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while. I picked the marketplace of my favorite, generate a hoplink, and I put it in as the destination url and bought traffic to that site and it brought 6000 visitors to it. So far, I’m making no money.

What went wrong? Is it that I’m missing something or don’t have a website or a blog? Or is it that ClickBank is a scam?

What is the best marketing campaign where if you switch affiliate prgrms and don't like it you get your $ back?

I’m doing research on affiliate companies that challenge each other’s programs. Has anyone seen examples of affiliate companies putting out a challenge of whose affiliate program is better than the other where they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is. Basically, a company issues a challenge and declares that if you send traffic to their site (which are apples to apples services), they’ll convert better than the other company. If the traffic doesn’t convert with the challenging site based on 30 days worth of traffic compared to the original site, then the challenging will pay the difference of what the affiliate lost in commission plus some kind of bonus fee. Existing or past examples will win best question.

In the world of affiliate marketing, where do I begin?

I created a website with my amazon astore in it, I had 12 page views today, as of 2:10 am. I may have some hope, but yesterday and prior, the four sleepless nights I spent learning from scratch and making it happen, or at least hoping to, and never having done this before posed a big challenge to me, but I am not giving up, I just hit a point where I am confused. I had zero sales in my astore, and no clicks on any google adsense advertisements, where could I be going wrong? I would like to know some promotional strategies and techniques for gaining the favor of a potential customer, and what markets I would have the best shot at as a beginner. I have submitted my website to every place I could find online yesterday, how long does that usually take to bring traffic ?(beyond 12 people today so far and about 70 yesterday). or is it an ongoing battle? I need help developing a solid business plan, and review real websites of affiliate marketers to learn from their sites as well, know of any examples?