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How much money I could earn from CPC and CPM ads on my website?

I am running a blog and the visitor count as of now is around 4000 / day . Majority of the visitors are from Search engines and rss subscribers. It’s a technology blog about how-to stuffs and interesting tips. Currently, I have not implemented any PPC or CPM ads. How much money I could earn [ Per day] If I implement PPC and CPM ads. I know It all depends on clicks and other stuffs. I would like to know the approximate amount. I am not interested in Affiliate marketing kind of stuffs for now.

HELP! I need to market my website. Where do I start?

I have a great website, but no one knows it exists. I need to optimize it for the search engines, and I would like to get it on an affiliate network so I can get referrals. Does anyone know a trust- worthy company that can help me with this? I have been working with a company since last February, that is supposed to be doing this for me, but they have dropped the ball in a big way. I paid them a lot of money up front, and have yet to see any work done on this. I’ am also wondering if anyone knows the average price range for something like this? I believe I grossly over paid… Any advice? Thanks.

Bad Vibes on Vortex Marketing Group, does anyone know of negative comments or legitimate complaint about them?

I am interested if any negative information or links exist that may indicate Vortex Marketing Group, Joel Sauceda and his other companies and affiliates, including the somewhat less than glamorous products offered. Odd informational responses from all the standard search engines seems to defy what the mathematical statistiscs should dictate. In all my internet searches, everyone seems to be showing only good responses front loaded and supported internally by other members and their links driving the most popular to appear relevent. It seems to be a very suspicious pyamidal scam. The self sustaining free peer support system determined to gain entry into respectable ecommerce. Like an Amway or other such systems, using devices to slowly bait the interest and slowly feed the info. I am very concern because a relative called to help introduce me to this with, you know, a free benefactor code. I’m looking for objectivity, and yes, I have a background in general advertising and direct mail.

Affiliate Marketing sites….tricking search engines….spying on other competitors….what is your take this?

There are A LOT of advertisers on the Net now promoting affiliate marketing and internet sites selling digital ebooks and other such products, using techniques that could be called both questionable morally and ethically, or even legally. What do you all think about all this? One such book recently that is very popular is called The Rich Jerk….it is popular, but gives advice to people to use tactics that are morally unethical…thus, the term "rich jerk"……do we want to let them get away with this crap? Seems like the search engines themselves will start changing their entire set-up of their programming to prevent these scam artists from making money off of them…..most of these people claim to have made "millions at home" from these tactics. Anyone actually tried some of them and it worked….anyone actually tried them and then felt guilty for the tactics used to make such money? Anyone wonder if the legality of all this is going to come down on these people one day?