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Couple of Newbie Questions?

I’m just trying to branch out a bit into my affiliate marketing career and take a look at Clickbank. Presently, I have a few websites where I promote products for other merchants using WordPress posts for each product. So what i’m doing is already a bit similar.

I was looking at a few tutorials and many suggested to write an article on your topic and place your code into the resource box and throughout the text. I was disappointed to find out that a few article directories don’t allow this and so i’m looking for other approaches. Are the succesful Clickbank advertisers purchasing their own domain names and promoting various products through the same domain? Or are most still writing targetted articles and submitting them to various directories? Also, are people writing articles submitting the same piece or making changes if submitting to more than 1 directory?

If I take a look at the Nutrition genre in the Clickbank Marketplace there are many different sub genres like nutrition for body builders, cholesteral dieting, constipation, etc. Would I just create a nutrition based domain name and write a different article for each or would the better approach be to make one single landing page with a targetted domain name and the clickbank code?

Thanks for any help/tips you can provide!

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What is the best way to move up the "ladder" in Kroger?

I am currently employed at Kroger (super market) in Evans, GA as a courtesy clerk (bagger). I have been there now since 10Novermber 2009. I love bagging, but I have bigger goals.

I am wondering what is the best way to get moved up in the company? My goals is as followed:

I would like to learn how to run a cash register and work at the Customer Service desk. Or Work Sea Food/Meat Dept or Deli/Bakery.

or GM/Nutrition or Produce.

The managers and supervisors say that they hire within, but they also said that they never post openings for our particular store, however most of them say that for a 25 year old male with aspergers and from observing me that my best bet is produce del/bakery and or customer service.

Now the question is should I go ahead and talk to my dept manager or one of the above dept managers? I am very eager to learn new skills and I absoultely love where I am working (kroger in general) this is the best company I have ever worked for.

I would prefer to have those who have worked for the company before or curent associates or managers of Kroger or its affiliates to answer this question please.

Also the only jobs that are listed are only for other stores, and I don’t want to leave the store I am currently working at now because its only 5 mins from the house, everyone is so friendly and knows what they are doing and the managers actually take time to do the right training etc.

Not to mention the Store Manager and two of the floor supervisors are always complimenting me on a job well done and I even have certain customers who request me to bag strictly for them.
Incase there is any confusing on what I mean by GM thats General Merchandise. Heck I wouldnt even mind working as a over night stocker. Also in addition to the question should I wait and see what happens and see if one of the managers will ask me if I want to learn something new or just talk to the different dept managers and let them know of my interests?