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Generating backlinks for product review sites?

I’m new to the whole affiliate marketing and IM thing. Any tips? It’s hard to find relevant blogs with a decent PR for my niche that I can guest post on (or maybe I need to look harder).

Should I just look to buy a program and spin and submit articles?
Dougie, what you’re looking for is people who keep coming back to your website. What I’m looking for is people who just come for the review. I just need to be ranked higher on Google. noFollow links may be of some help to you, but they wouldn’t do me any good.

For those of you who have online businesses, what method do you use to accept online orders?

I mean, which company do you use? I’m searching for an online payment processing company.

I tried my personal bank for a merchant account, lots of hoops to jump through there. And, yes, I do plan to also let customers pay by PayPal. But for those customers that don’t have Paypal, I want them to be able to use their credit cards to order something.

Somebody mentioned this great company to me, ClickBank, it’s actually an affiliate marketing program, and it seemed like the perfect match, because their niche is digital products and that’s exactly what I deal in. I contacted them to ask them a few questions, and they had no clue what they were talking about. Disappointing… (if anybody knows any alternatives to them that’d be great, I am not interested in the fact they are an affiliate program, I’m interested in the fact that they are an online payment processor)

So yeah. I really need some sort of method for processing credit cards on-site. What do you use?

Thank you so much!

Is this a good business idea?

Hi. I’m 15 and I want to start my own online company. I want to make real money (0-0 a day), not kid money. I don’t want to start an affiliate marketing business, but I want to start an online service company of some sort. Reseller hosting is a very saturated industry so here are my other ideas.

1. A digital music distribution/marketing company. There is a site called Tunecore which lets people sell their songs on iTunes. But for my company, we would find new bands/artists and provide that service for them. We would also provide a wide variety of marketing services. We could build band websites and market them on Facebook and other social networking sites. I could probably charge 0 for the site, and -0 per album placed on iTunes (they would keep 100% royalties, they only pay the one time fee).

2. I found a free web script that lets you create a website where bands/artists can create profiles, share their music, and listeners can rate, share, chat, follow, etc. It is sort of like, but aiming at a smaller niche of new bands and artists. We would make money from ads and affiliate products :).

3. I’ve been looking, and they dont have websites that review bands. It might take a long time to write reviews though.

4. A website where people can buy and sell websites/domains. Like, but I’m positive the industry is not really saturated, and I could make some money. I would charge a fee if the transaction is successful.

5. Lots of phone review sites go a lot into depth about phones, that it sometimes can be confusing. I have gotten a lot of feedback from elders saying that people in the phone stores are useless. I was thinking of making a site that reviews cell phones, but just gets to the point (who the phone is for, best features, pros, cons, final recommendation).

What other things could I do to make a lot of money (0-0 a day) online? Are any of my ideas good? Please don’t say I should’t post ideas on YahooAnswers, because i just want some feedback. I really want to know how to make a lot of money online.

What Business Model is the Most Effective in the Affiliate Marketing?

I would like to know which of the following business models is the most effective in the affiliate marketing. My affiliate program gives me a choice of business models and I can choose only one.

Select this option if your primary business model is based on loyalty or rewards. For example, your site offers points, donations, or other rewards for purchasing at selected merchants. Loyalty/Reward sites give something back to the consumer in exchange for purchasing through the publisher’s site. A percentage of the advertiser commission is used to pay a reward to the end user. Rewards come in many forms including cash, airline miles, credit card points, or a percent of sale given to an organization.

Select this option if your primary business model is based on offering coupons and deals to your customers.

General Shopping
Select this option if your primary business model is shopping. Shopping sites can be thought of as a virtual mall. The consumer can shop for various products and brands without ever having to leave the site. This type of publisher is not focused specifically on coupons and deals.

Select this option if your primary business model is based on search. Search publishers promote advertisers via search engine marketing (natural or paid).

Price Comparison
Select this option if your primary business model is based on price comparison. Comparison shopping sites sell items where some comparison is made before the purchase. Many times the publisher will have direct product links of the same product from different advertisers.

Select this option if your primary business model is based on content, such as news stories, media, music, or video. Content sites focus on a specific area of interest. This type of site is normally not a shopping site but users go to the site because they are interested in relevant content on site. Content sites that do well with performance-based marketing blend their area of expertise with product recommendations.

Social Shopping
Select this option if your primary business model is based on social shopping. Social shopping sites usually combine shopping with user recommendations, reviews, lists, and other social network features.

User Generated
Select this option if your primary business model is based on user-generated content such as communities, forums, and social networks.

Select this option if your primary business model does not fall under any of the other categories.


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