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What are some good adsense alternatives?

After putting money into marketing my website and such, Google Adsense cancelled my account and all the payments that were coming to me (costing me money actually) and suggesting that there was something suspicious about the clicks or the site traffic. They don’t provide details or allow one to have time to dispute any such claims.

Anyway, I’d like some suggestions on good adsense alternatives. I’ve tried some but hopefully I can get feedback from persons who have used these services. One that I looked at was going to make me wait 60 days till I got my first payment. That is unreasonable and ridiculous in today’s information age.
I also don’t want to use a site that is notorious for cancelling accounts with no warning, because they think that the clicks or the traffic is not valid.

Also, if you can provide tips on affiliate marketing – I’ve signed up with two. One is clickbank. Do they have products that pay a certain amount monthly – which would mean a product would have to be a subscription service? Thee is also the site I found when I wanted to sell products for Barnes and Noble – they work with a company that handles affiliate programs.
Any other suggestions on affiliate marketing?
And adsense alterntives that don’t make one wait 60 days for the first check?

How do I find affiliate marketing programs that pay you to Post Links?

I am relatively New to internet marketing, and I’m just finding out that I can get paid strictly for posting links, it was purely by luck that I found that out.

The Path that I’ve been taking, I.E. building blogs, trying to get ranked with the major search engines has yielded Zero results. I have found like I said strictly by luck that I can get paid for posting links.

The company that I am now affiliated ( with pays .50 cents per post.

What I would like to know is " How do I find affiliate marketing programs that pay you to Post Links?"

What is this type of affiliate marketing called, and how do I find them? ect…,

The bottom line is, nothing succeeds like success, and now that I’ve gotten a taste of it, be it at only .50 per post, I’ve managed to make over 0.00 in 5 days, I see no problem in doing the same exact thing for more money?

So, How do I find affiliate marketing programs that pay you to Post Links? that pay over .50 cents per post :)

I am very interested in affiliate marketing , I have tons of niches , write well, and have the time to put in?

heard alot of good things about wealthy affiliate university, my husband got me a new laptop for my bday last week that is meant for home biz use. My question is where to start ? I was thinking of signing up with WAU.. its 47/MO. I have biz and marketing exp. . I just don’t know ..any Affiliate marketers out there that can tell me where to start ? i know in businesss you do have to spend money to make money but I am not interested in a scam, obviously ..So, if you were me what would you do ?

Should I put this on my resume?

I am applying for an Analyst position at a bulge bracket investment bank in New York. I just graduated from New York University. When I was a young child, I started a Internet asset holdings company which made small content based websites that promoted affiliate products. I was making around ,000 each month.

Since I started this in my teens and was able to make a lot of money from it while also learning time management with school, marketing skills, sales skills, and valuation skills, should I put this on my resume and discuss it during my interview?

affiliate marketing…good or bad idea?

is this some scam idea, or can you really make money…and is is something that could cost you money? Is it something to get into or to avoid?