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How much money I could earn from CPC and CPM ads on my website?

I am running a blog and the visitor count as of now is around 4000 / day . Majority of the visitors are from Search engines and rss subscribers. It’s a technology blog about how-to stuffs and interesting tips. Currently, I have not implemented any PPC or CPM ads. How much money I could earn [ Per day] If I implement PPC and CPM ads. I know It all depends on clicks and other stuffs. I would like to know the approximate amount. I am not interested in Affiliate marketing kind of stuffs for now.

become a market maker -how much money you need!!!?

If i wanna become a market maker how much money do I need?are there any financial requirement tht anyone here knwos about of can I affiliate with brokerage company?please let me know

Sometimes I don't get it Yahoo!?

I respect the anti spamming and solicitation instructions of these forums.
I made an answer a few days ago SUGGESTING a certain service of which I’m NOT officially an affiliate and they removed my answer.
I see people on this forum all the time openly posting their affiliate links telling people about how much money they’re making through these programs. I have NEVER asked anyone to join me in business through Yahoo! Answers.
I really don’t get it.
I suggested a company name that coaches people in network marketing because it has helped me personally yet they remove it. People have suggested things like cashcrate and different survey programs that pay you and they’ve used their affiliate links (which i did NOT do) to RECRUIT people to join them in business.
What should I do to get this sort of immunity?
I"m here to build relationships and share knowledge as well as gain info from time to time. I do home based business and I do my best to avoid recruitment attempts in this way.