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What is wrong with my website?

what is wrong with my website (please don’t be rude)
why isn’t it a good affiliate marketing website for

please give me helpful tips and pointers


Help Needed Tips for Self-Advertising?

I just started a online home business with a phone company called G.V.I Solutions. My job as a affiliate is to refer people to my website. I get commissions for when they sign-up and then they become my customers, plus I get commissions for whoever they refer to and so on. Now this company have free marketing tools that I can use, but I have to do some self-advertising myself. So far I’ve been using the internet to do this. I just need some helpful tips that can help me. I would really appreciate it!!!! Thank you

What are the best tips for Affiliate Marketing?

I am already doing it on my own so I DON’T need to be given your websites to sign up. I need great & helpful tips. Thanks in advance.