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Couple of Newbie Questions?

I’m just trying to branch out a bit into my affiliate marketing career and take a look at Clickbank. Presently, I have a few websites where I promote products for other merchants using WordPress posts for each product. So what i’m doing is already a bit similar.

I was looking at a few tutorials and many suggested to write an article on your topic and place your code into the resource box and throughout the text. I was disappointed to find out that a few article directories don’t allow this and so i’m looking for other approaches. Are the succesful Clickbank advertisers purchasing their own domain names and promoting various products through the same domain? Or are most still writing targetted articles and submitting them to various directories? Also, are people writing articles submitting the same piece or making changes if submitting to more than 1 directory?

If I take a look at the Nutrition genre in the Clickbank Marketplace there are many different sub genres like nutrition for body builders, cholesteral dieting, constipation, etc. Would I just create a nutrition based domain name and write a different article for each or would the better approach be to make one single landing page with a targetted domain name and the clickbank code?

Thanks for any help/tips you can provide!

Has anyone tried or currently using internet income university ?

PLEASE no answers telling me it’s impossible to work from home , Ive done my research and hundreds of thousands are …so don’t waste your time. I have narrowed down what I would like to do and researched several affiliate marketing training/support companies. They are cheap and can have your website up and running in 24 hours and all you pay is 15 bucks for the domain name. Most comkpanies take weeks to do this and charge upwards of several thousand. I also heard wealthy Affiliate is good. Ant Affiliate marketers out there that "make a living " doing this and if so where did you start ? Thanks, Amani

Starting an Online Business: Questions?

I am job hunting like a maniac and having no luck (like so many others right now). I just graduated with my master’s degree (criminal justice) and have been doing freelance work (mostly writing) while in school. However, now that school is finished, I’m interested in finding more substantial work. I have been researching the concept of opening an online store and have come to several conclusions: there are a lot of scams out there; there are many different products/services that can be offered via an internet store; and I have no clue where to begin.

I would honestly prefer to go with a turnkey site, which would save me from having to build the site, add check-out software, set up Adsense, and many turnkeys I’ve looked at include purchase of the domain name with the package. But I’m not sure how to tell the scams from the legit sites.

One thing I do NOT want to get involved with is MLM, high-pressure sales, or affiliate marketing–I simply know my limits and I don’t have the personality for that kind of work. I would prefer a simple business based upon the exchange of a product for cash–I am not interested in scamming people for profit. I am the kind of person who is not happy unless she is actively doing or working on something, so the idea of having a tangible biz appeals to me.

I am also looking into drop-shipping, because there is no way I can afford to purchase inventory right now. My most recent freelance gig ended at the end of June, so I am bringing NO money in right now. Therefore, drop-shipping makes the most sense at this point.

What I am looking for is input on turnkey shops (do you hate them, know if any are legit, has anyone had personal experience with one, etc.) and any general thoughts/ideas/suggestions for someone in my position. I know very basic HTML, but there is no way I could build a storefront site on my own—so keep in mind that I’m not much use on the technical front.

I should also mention that I am NOT looking to get rich. If I could make ,000 per month, it would take a lot of pressure off the family budget. More than that would be great (especially because my student loan payments will be kicking in soon), but I wanted to clarify that I’m looking for a legit online biz and am not hoping to become a millionaire without doing any work. So please, no “get rich quick” schemes for me.

I really do look forward to hearing what those of you with experience have to offer. Thanks to anyone who has made it this far!

Website help. Marketing affiliates etc?

I’m about to launch a classified website

My business adviser is through the enterprise but he is not an (IT) expert

I have purchased the domain name for my classified site with go daddy and the site is about ready to upload to the servers, I was wondering if anyone can kindly offer me some help on how to make a good amount of income from this website and how to best market it etc.

I have a Google Adsense account, plus Bidvertiser and I’m now an affiliate for commission junction and Clickbank.I am willing to join any other affiliates ppc advertising etc to enhance/boost revenue.

I have already seen leads in my cj account from another website I have that is a niche community site that has been going for just over a year and has 765 members to date. Its kind of like a mini Myspace/Faceparty with the option for members to upgrade their accounts to premium.profile uploading, pictures videos blogs etc

I am very enthusiastic flexible and learn quickly.

Below is a link of the sort of website I am going to launch

Obviously my site will be for midlands (uk) members but the above link is an idea of how the site should look and feel.

I shall also be adding forums for members to interact more and so enables me to build up an email database for newsletters

I shall be offering incentives to advertise by way of cash prizes this way hopefully boosting my traffic to the site

I’m fed up of trying to search for IT help just to be told to click on links to peoples sites which is obviously in hope that you will click their ppc adverts or buy an expensive ebook from them and gain them money.

Please could someone train and mentor me to success, (IF) I can only make a small amount of money from this one site I am prepared to copy the idea to other areas of the UK to gain more revenue.the sky is the limit

Thanks for reading this article and please buzz me for advice and if you would like to be my mentor.

I look forward to hearing from you savvy clever IT folk in helping me on this journey

Does anyone know if its possible to make a reasonable living just off one or two of these types of websites if the marketing is done correctly etc

thank you for your time

Kind regards
ok. to all the people commenting that are leaving links to their sites please stop!!

look at this section here i wrote in my original message

I’m fed up of trying to search for IT help just to be told to click on links to peoples sites which is obviously in hope that you will click their ppc adverts or buy an expensive ebook from them and gain them money.

And i am truly fed up with this!!

let me explain again the sort of answers i would like,

very simple this!

i would like someone to say for example, " ok listen if you go here and grab a bit of code from this affiliate then put it here in your website and generate traffic you will make x amount"

not just random links to peoples sites making money from adsense and their own affailate sites.

i hope this is clear enough.

i would like to know info on places such as e-business club and other sites that offer free advice and do not ask you to get your credit card out at the end of the blog/forum landing page etc. thank you..
i have also tried the spiderweb and it is not for me because they do actually ask for money to buy a domain and basically unless you do there is not much chance of making any money

i am doing my own website but it is only for one area and not globally, its a classified site for the midlands area, no point in people posting info and adverts from usa because it is too far away etc.
plus i would like to avoid scams so if anyone can give advice there,

please help in these questions i have posted


online affiliate marketing?

I’m planning on conducting on-line affiliate marketing soon. i got my homepage ready, now up to finding a hosting and domain name. If any of you are doing on-line affiliate business and has found it to be working effectively, I’d like to hear your story. I kinda need some encouragement here coz I;m new to this kinda stuff. Have you made good money out of it? How long have you been doing it? Some tips for success appreciated! Pls let me know, thanks!