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What is wrong with my website?

what is wrong with my website (please don’t be rude)
why isn’t it a good affiliate marketing website for

please give me helpful tips and pointers


I'm 16 why can't I get a job?

I am 16, I live in Ontario, Canada. I have had several online business ventures, have considerable experience in customer satisfaction and solving problems. I have strong computer and communication skills. I don’t have much experience working under someone, just lawn cutting for a company that I can’t get a reference from. All of that is on my resume.

On the rare occasion that I get an interview, I always show up in business clothing such as dress pants, shined leather shoes, dress shirt and tie. It seems the harder I try, the less likely it is for me to get a job.

I would start a full time summer business but I am lacking capital. I don’t have anyone that can lend me money and can’t get a loan.

I just got turned down today for another job that I had an interview for on wednesday. I watch all of my friends around me getting jobs from doing next to nothing. I try so hard but no one will cut me some slack. I can’t even get a job at a damn grocery store for crying out loud.

I think it has to be something wrong with my resume. Can you please critique it and make annotations?

Here is a copy of my resume:
Work Objective
To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong communication skills, customer-oriented background and ability to work well with people.
H.S. Diploma, Grade 11
******* **********, Ontario – I am in the process of completing my High School Diploma.
Work Experience

Self Employment, ******, Ontario 2007 – Present

Development and management of several successful online ventures, including:

Authored four eBooks on the topics of Internet Marketing and Physical Fitness and successfully developed a mailing list, clients and product sales
Worked alongside several companies as an affiliate marketer, selling and trading merchandise on sites such as eBay and Amazon
Managed advertising campaigns to market subscription based programs as well as onetime fee goods
Contacted customers to notify them of special sales and new merchandise shipments and fostered client patronage through the use of thank-you notes and special occasion cards
Collaborated with many freelance web designers, graphic designers, and professional ghostwriters online to develop websites
2007 – 2008
Contract Landscaping, ****** and ******, Ontario

Performed various lawn maintenance tasks for neighbours and a private business, including lawn cutting, weeding and pruning of shrubs

•Communication Skills: Work well in a team setting, able to relate in a respectful and professional manner, exercise sound judgement and can problem solve effectively
•Advanced Computer Skills: Data Entry, Editing and Proofreading, Internet Technology, Advertising / Promotions, MS Office, E-Mail, Adobe Photoshop, CSS & HTML Programming, Keyboarding Skills
•Personal Skills: Perseverance, Motivated, Honesty and Integrity, Ability to Learn Quickly, Adaptability, Strong Morals

Hobbies and Interests
Am an avid amateur golfer considering a business oriented career in some facet of the golf industry (golf course management and/or architecture)
Participate in a regular strength training and athletic conditioning program as a member of a local fitness club
Am a student of Karate (5 year member of the Black Belt Club) anticipating earning my black belt in November
Construct and fly radio controlled aircraft and am a past member of the ********** Model Aircraft Club where I attended club meetings and events
Have enjoyed downhill skiing and off road mountain biking for many years
Enjoy being outdoors, camping, hiking and golfing

Available upon request

Thanks, I don’t want to sound needy but I need a job badly. I’ve even been to employment offices and requested to be contacted from a youth employment organization but not surprisingly, they didn’t contact me back.

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks a bunch

What do you think of Amazon suing the state of North Carolina over customer data?? (taxing online purchases…?

Last year, North Carolina passed a law that required out-of-sate retailers to collect sales tax in the state if they have marketing affiliates within the state. Amazon responded by ending its affiliate program in North Carolina and currently doesn’t collect sales tax in the state.

Amazon contends in the suit that it routinely provides the Revenue Department with "voluminous information" about its sales to North Carolina as part of routine audits of the company’s compliance with sales and use tax laws. The information includes the date and total price of each transaction, the city, county and ZIP code to which each item was shipped and Amazon’s standard product code for each item, which allows officials to see the description of every product purchased.

In March, however, the Revenue Department threatened to hold a civil contempt hearing for Amazon if the company doesn’t also turn over the names and addresses of anybody in North Carolina who has purchased goods off its website since August 2003, according to the suit. The company said that amounts to nearly 50 million purchases.

"If Amazon is forced to comply with this demand, the disclosure will invade the privacy and violate the First Amendment rights of Amazon and its customers on a massive scale," the suit states. "The (Revenue Department) does not need personally identifiable information
about Amazon’s customers in order to audit Amazon’s compliance with state tax laws. All it needs to know is what items Amazon sold to North Carolina customers and what they paid, and Amazon has already provided that information."

Deadbeat Super Affiliate | Amazon Marketing

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I have been looking for a long time to supplement my income online. I have been looking into affiliate?

trying affiliate marketing with no luck. I know the scams out there because I have been looking for a long time. I have tried clickbank and amazon. I read on here how everyone makes money; what am I doing wrong? Am I impatient? I’m just discouraged because I can’t seem to get anything going. Thanks for your advice in advance.
Thank you all! Your time has been very much appreciated – you have given me new hope!! Thank YOU!