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Tips and methods on how to get more people clicking my link on reviews of products buying the items?

Anything that I should include that will help get more clicks on those product links for affiliate marketing and buying things. Please tell what things have helped you get cash from it and what not to and what things work well from your experience thanks

affiliate marketing, myth or scam?

Is affiliate marketing doable, is it worth the stress, or is it just hype? Total scam.

Does anyone know of a good affiliate marketing program that provides you with a website?

I am interested in doing affiliate marketing part-time, but I am so not good at knowing what is a scam, and the internet can be overwhelming with this. If you have had a good experience with any of these companies and have actually gotten paid for advertising for them. Please let me know.

Is affiliate marketing a scam?

There are so many affiliate marketing tutorials and videos all over the internet. Is affiliate marketing actually legit? If so, how do I get started? Thanks.

Has anyone tried or currently using internet income university ?

PLEASE no answers telling me it’s impossible to work from home , Ive done my research and hundreds of thousands are …so don’t waste your time. I have narrowed down what I would like to do and researched several affiliate marketing training/support companies. They are cheap and can have your website up and running in 24 hours and all you pay is 15 bucks for the domain name. Most comkpanies take weeks to do this and charge upwards of several thousand. I also heard wealthy Affiliate is good. Ant Affiliate marketers out there that "make a living " doing this and if so where did you start ? Thanks, Amani