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How do I make $100 a day online.?

If you have a legitimate way to make 0 a day online without surveys, no affiliate marketing and not selling crap on Ebay, not investing in forex or stocks or lotteries, I want to hear about it. Must have a low learning curve because I want to get started now. Put in your link.
Not looking for a job or a magical cash machine – looking for an online business where I can make extra money.
Sorry guys but the truth is that Affiliate networks and offers suck and it takes way too much money to make anything. Give me something real and proven!

How to start affiliate marketing when you know nothing about it?

I’m a 17 year old single mom with a 3 month old. Right now I’m doing independent study to graduate high school where I go to school once a week. This leaves me a lot of time at home to make some money to help around the house. I turn 18 in 2 months and have the next 5 months almost free before I start junior college. I’m not looking for a get rich plan and since I have time, I’m willing to learn everything I can before I actually get started.

How do you create websites? How do you pay per click, pay per sale, and pay per lead? How do you partner up with a merchant? How do you get people to view your site? What are impressions? Do you have to pay upfront to get started?

I’ve been doing some searches about what affiliate marketing is but it’s so confusing. I need some step by step instructions. I have the patience and am willing to learn.


hI all,
Can any one tell me how to learn affiliate marketing.I want to start a biz on that.I am staying at chennai .A swift reply is highly appreciated .

Thank u

Questions about Sweden (mostly about jobs)?

Hello! I’ve been thinking about moving to Sweden, and have a couple of questions about the lifestyle.
Currently I’m living in the US, enrolled in high school, and wanting to learn Swedish. Here are my questions:

1) Does Sweden have a credit score system?

2) Are marketing/advertising/design jobs hard to get?
(I’m still in high school, but wish to pursue a major in these areas)

3) Also, do I need a couple of years’ experience before I can get that job (in question 2)? What are some good things to add on a resume?

4) Is it a burden/annoyance for businesses to get a work permit for someone they just hired that isn’t from Sweden? (For those of you who have moved… is it hard moving there?)

5) Will businesses be inclined to hire me if I know Swedish? (Also, will my ‘perspective’ help businesses who want to reach out to the US?)

6) Are there some international banks? (That are affiliated/shared with US banks)

Thank you very much for your answers and time! Sorry if my questions are a little awkward. :)

Best link building experience?

What’s your favourite method to build backlinks (the one that works best)?

1. Forums
2. Blog Comments
3. Article Publishing
4. Article Directories
5. Mini-sites
6. Social bookmarks
7. Video Sites (Youtube etc…)
8. Other? Please explain…

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