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Generating backlinks for product review sites?

I’m new to the whole affiliate marketing and IM thing. Any tips? It’s hard to find relevant blogs with a decent PR for my niche that I can guest post on (or maybe I need to look harder).

Should I just look to buy a program and spin and submit articles?
Dougie, what you’re looking for is people who keep coming back to your website. What I’m looking for is people who just come for the review. I just need to be ranked higher on Google. noFollow links may be of some help to you, but they wouldn’t do me any good.

How do you use "CLICKBANK" effectively?

I’m trying to affiliate market and need help figuring out some good tips.

What are some good adsense alternatives?

After putting money into marketing my website and such, Google Adsense cancelled my account and all the payments that were coming to me (costing me money actually) and suggesting that there was something suspicious about the clicks or the site traffic. They don’t provide details or allow one to have time to dispute any such claims.

Anyway, I’d like some suggestions on good adsense alternatives. I’ve tried some but hopefully I can get feedback from persons who have used these services. One that I looked at was going to make me wait 60 days till I got my first payment. That is unreasonable and ridiculous in today’s information age.
I also don’t want to use a site that is notorious for cancelling accounts with no warning, because they think that the clicks or the traffic is not valid.

Also, if you can provide tips on affiliate marketing – I’ve signed up with two. One is clickbank. Do they have products that pay a certain amount monthly – which would mean a product would have to be a subscription service? Thee is also the site I found when I wanted to sell products for Barnes and Noble – they work with a company that handles affiliate programs.
Any other suggestions on affiliate marketing?
And adsense alterntives that don’t make one wait 60 days for the first check?

Tips and methods on how to get more people clicking my link on reviews of products buying the items?

Anything that I should include that will help get more clicks on those product links for affiliate marketing and buying things. Please tell what things have helped you get cash from it and what not to and what things work well from your experience thanks

How to start a affiliate internet marketing and be successful?

I want to start my own internet marketing business, and I want to Affiliate. What tips can you guys give me to start and to be successful at it?