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affiliate marketing, myth or scam?

Is affiliate marketing doable, is it worth the stress, or is it just hype? Total scam.

Why does everyone have such a NEGATIVE attitude towards internet marketing?

When I talk to people about trying out internet marketing, talk to my dad about HOW MUCH BETTER it would be than FLIPPING BURGERS, people think I’m deceived, that I will fall for a scam.

Yet, most affiliate networks are not scams and they do pay. Yes there’s people making money online.

And guess what the general public’s attitude towards THEM is? Internet marketers are "scammers too lazy to get a real job".


Does anyone know of a good affiliate marketing program that provides you with a website?

I am interested in doing affiliate marketing part-time, but I am so not good at knowing what is a scam, and the internet can be overwhelming with this. If you have had a good experience with any of these companies and have actually gotten paid for advertising for them. Please let me know.

Is affiliate marketing a scam?

There are so many affiliate marketing tutorials and videos all over the internet. Is affiliate marketing actually legit? If so, how do I get started? Thanks.

I am very interested in affiliate marketing , I have tons of niches , write well, and have the time to put in?

heard alot of good things about wealthy affiliate university, my husband got me a new laptop for my bday last week that is meant for home biz use. My question is where to start ? I was thinking of signing up with WAU.. its 47/MO. I have biz and marketing exp. . I just don’t know ..any Affiliate marketers out there that can tell me where to start ? i know in businesss you do have to spend money to make money but I am not interested in a scam, obviously ..So, if you were me what would you do ?